*** CRITICAL BUG *** CBU v3 - Sync Files & Directories

Using CBU v3.0.164972.96 under XP/SP3. I have separate admin and user accounts.

I attempted to perform a full sync backup of my C drive (basic system partition) to a basic partition on a second hard disk. Here is the .cbs script:

/backup_operation /type filesandfolders /source "C:" /syncsimplecopy 0 /exclusionfilter “.tmp|.bak” /compressionlevel low /destinationtype destinationtypediskfile /destinationpath “D:\HC02 System Sync C_full_files|REVISION_NO|” /diskusage below_normal /processorusage normal /log_file “G:\COMODO\CBU\HC02 Backups\System\HC02 System Sync C_full_files.log” /log_method “create”

Here is what happened:

  • The backup ran well for about an hour or so and then the entire system completely hung and stopped without warning.
  • I eventually forced a restart. However, Windows hung during the display of the welcome screen. After an initial burst of disk activity during the welcome screen, there was periodic disk activity every couple of seconds for abut 5 minutes. Then the system appeared to stop entirely.
  • The same happened when I attempted to start XP in safe mode
  • Therefore, it was impossible to start the system despite a number of repeated attempts.

I eventually managed to restart find out what was happening by installing a fresh copy of XP on my D drive. This allowed me to inspect my C drive and find out what was going on. I discovered:

  • CBU had created a multitude of hidden files named .cbsync. There was one such directory in all of my directories backed up by CBU.
  • Each .cbsync contained CBU metafiles for each user files backed up.
  • After much searching, I discovered that the last .cbsync directory created when the system originally hung appeared to be in the C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\ directory and that the last CBU metafiles created appeared to be for the NTUSER.DAT and NTUSER.DAT.LOG files.

I deleted all the .cbsync directories and the CBU metafiles they contained. I also disabled the CBU synchronisation service. In this way, I was able to restart my PC using my production copy of XP on my C drive.

I am in the fortunate position of having a second drive on which I could install a second copy of XP. Without that second system, I would have had to do a full system reinstall. >:(

I conclude CBU’s backing up the NTUSER.DAT and NTUSER.DAT.LOG and creating the CBS metafiles somehow caused the lockout. Perhaps, there may be a concurrency conflict or a file access permissions conflict.


Regarding command I have a few observations:
/compressionlevel low - this parameter is ignored because the backup format is simple copy synchronized
/syncsimplecopy 0 - 0 (zero) means that the sync operation will run continuously (not recommended).
/destination path “D:\HC02 System Sync C_full_files|REVISION_NO|” - this means that a new folder will be created for each synchronization. So you should get D:\HC02 System Sync C_full_files\000000001, D:\HC02 System Sync C_full_files\000000002, … D:\HC02 System Sync C_full_files\003049573… etc. Each folder will contain a mirror of your C drive.

To summarize, this command line operation should continuously create separate mirrors of your C: drive.
But the system should not hang, so we are analyzing this issue.



Thanks fot your reply and your comments on the script. I created the script using the CBU wizard and then exported it as a .cbs file. CBU created the script with the parameters “/compressionlevel low” and “/simplecopy 0” set as indicated. Thanks for confirming that the “|REVISION_NO|” will create separate sync copies.

Regarding your comments about “/simplecopy 0”, what I actually did was to set up and save a schedule within CBU for the sync backup to run every 30 days. I had not intended running it as a scheduled command line line task.

Thanks for investigating this issue.