Criminals 'may overwhelm the web'

I thought this was interesting.

That’s why Comodo is so important…
They give away a top firewall/AV for free,
so that more people can protect themselves,
even if they don’t have any money.

That “war” will never be won when Microsoft hides sections of the OS from the user not matter what the purpose is.

This section of the OS cannot be accessed from the administrator account which is just not right.

If i virus infects that part of the OS, a format will be the ONLY option.

And sometimes (especially in a business) that option is not an acceptable one.

I have not really entered the business world yet, so i was not aware of how willing they are to reformat…

The panel of leading experts was discussing the future of the internet at the [b]World Economic Forum in Davos.[/b]

I love when war-warmongering, torture-supporting Mafiosi tell me to be afraid of something .
These guys also love “trusted computing” " internet2", DRM that prevents you from using
content that you have a legal license for and they love having NSA read your e-mails .
If anything is threatening the Internet it’s that greedy lot of super-billionaires…