Creating Trust Online. What a FARCE!

So, thought I’d try out Comodo. I am probably one of the few people who actually READS the terms of agreement and privacy policies. Of course, they pulled the typical, ‘you have to read this additional link to get our privacy policy’ … bs. So … I do. And guess who they’re in bed with ? Google anlaytics. The epitome of evil. And comodo, the ones who claim to be ‘creating trust online,’ are all warm and snuggly with google. Yeah … ‘trust’ my ■■■ you douches.

Hi 3rdgizmo,
Google analytics is used by over half of the popular websites today, simply used in a lot of cases for statistical purposes.
Please refrain from personal attacks on any individual or company.
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Although I have no need to use language, but I to have dismembered as much as I can that relates to Google.
No longer their search page, as it directs me to places of no interest except their advertising dollar.
All reference to Google on my computer has been deleted, including registry.
And if that is not enough, I will not upgrade from XP to Win 10, I am in the process of migrating to Linux based distros.
I will research further about what this thread starter has started, and if I find COMODO has been too involved with Google and my right to internet sovereignty, I will no longer use COMODO’s products and that includes DRAGON.
Google does not own the internet.

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:cry: You must miss a lot …

A lot of unnecessary ‘FUD’ is spread and is mostly caused by envy IMO, unfortunately Google like many other companies is not immune to this. :slight_smile:

Going to these forums, we have Google Analytics. (According to my AdBlock Latitude)
Going to the mainpage, I see Google…tons of stuff, mostly API.

Couldn’t you guys use someone else’s APIs or Analytics software?
It does seem hypocritical to say that you guys remove stuff from Google in Dragon, while you guys are using Google products, yourselves, on your own sites.(If you use a Google product, that’s contradicting yourselves, regardless of how the Google software works, it doesn’t even have to send data to Google, but it’s still noted.)
If I block everything Google, will I be able to visit your sites? APIs won’t load.

Then again, Dragon is a Chromium-based product, also developed by Google.

This is what Lazlo was getting at.(You might be a hypocrite to use Dragon, in the first place.)

We’re sorry to see you go, Lazlo?

Whom would you prefer to be tracked by, and why?

A company that’s not an advertising company.
Barely waking-up, so I made edits. If you read it fully. I wasn’t agreeing with him, in the end.
But yes, how Google makes profit, we can’t assume that we are getting free products.

Let alone seeing how they scan our e-mails to find relevant ads.

If the company providing the analysis tool is also running an advertising network, like Google, the the primary purpose of the tracking is to gather data for target (and more profitable) ads. If the company providing the analysis tool is not running an advertising network, what might its purpose of tracking you be?

If the company providing the analysis tool is not honouring DNT, sadly, it’s up to the user to block it. When I visit Comodo Forums, is blocked by Privacy Badger. If Comodo stops using Google Analytics, and lets some other company track users, 52 % of all the sites will still use Google Analytics. And Privacy Badger will stop some other analysis tool from tracking me when I visit Comodo Forums. Not much gained.

Third-party content on websites is a big subject. It’s hard for site owners to avoid it, and for examples host lots of videos in various qualities and formats, rather than letting YouTube host them. It’s also hard for client software to block tracking without breaking every site. In many cases the best solution, client side, is to allow the content, such as videos, fonts, images etc, and only block the cookies and fingerprinting from those third party servers.

You must miss a lot .....
We're sorry to see you go, Lazlo?

I don’t miss much, but it is getting overwhelming with all this clutter just to check emails and do a search.

Not going anywhere, but just now I was searchng and this new BS comes up on the side of the browser, “CORTANA IS LISTENING”

Well, that’s it, they crossed the line this time.

As soon as f possible, all my computers are getting wiped and going to Linux

End of story

f off MS, just get off my frikin tree !!!’

Hi Lazlo,
Please calm down and stay on topic, this topic is not about Microsoft.


Lazlo have a good read of this

It might help you out until you go Linux, or if you just want a game machine ( windows ) aswell as a linux box for a more private OS.

Good. I can feel your anger. Choose your distro! Partition your harddisk, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete! >:-D


You guys have been asked once already. Pleae stay on topic or we will have to lock it.

why wait?