Creating Shortcuts On Real Desktop For Apps Installed In Virtual Desktop

1. What actually happened or you saw:
When you install programs inside the Virtual Desktop shortcuts are created only in the virtual desktop. No shortcuts are created on the real computer.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
It is desirable that they were created on the Windows Desktop as well. Of course, these shortcuts would automatically launch the installed apps as Fully Virtualized.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
The ability to run programs in a virtual desktop, without having enter into a virtual desktop. It would make the transition between the Virtual Space and the real desktop more seamless, and make using the Virtualized Space simpler for many users.

4. Any other information:

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All Correct. Thanks for the help.

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Hi airatgab and Chiron,
Sorry I am not convinced that this is a good idea. :-
If a virtual program can manipulate the real system’s desktop, wouldn’t this potentially be a security breach of the sandbox?

Note: I haven’t voted yet until I hear back.
Edit: On giving this further thought I have voted no, sorry.


this is how comodos sandbox used to work until people kept complaining of a bypass when an application could place shortcuts on the desktop so comodo added the desktop to the protected files to prevent this.

voted no

I would say that it’s not a security breach as these shortcuts would only open the program as Fully Virtualized. Thus, they wouldn’t be able to affect the real system, but to a novice user they could easily find, and run, the programs they had installed while in the Virtual Desktop.

Still, I can see how some users may find it an issue. Perhaps this would be more acceptable if it was optional, but I’m not sure as it’s really the novice users who would benefit most from this. :-\

What I think makes this currently unworkable or impracticable is there’s only one virtual desktop, I can see people having privacy and security concerns running there applications all together in a single space, what would need to be done to make this workable or practicable is if every application was run in its own separate virtual desktop / space, then it would a very good and workable solution for everyone, I would vote for ‘Yes’ if we could have each application assigned to its own private and secure virtual desktop :slight_smile:

In general, the developer himself is not against the creation of such links. Only not all users can do it themselves. Why him can’t help?

Look screenshot

Real machine is real, virtual machine is virtual. This should not be combined real and virtual.
You may feel that the malware bypass COMODO (I had a case that the program as a fully virtualized left icon on the real desktop, after reboot and reset the sandbox shortcut remained).
Sorry, voted no :-TD

I’m sorry, but this Wish Request has now gotten too many negative votes to reach the necessary 15 points. Thus, I am forced to move this to Rejected.

I hope you understand.

Well, have to create the shortcuts yourself, as before.