Creating scan profiles should be easier, more intuitive

When you’re creating or editing a Scan Profile, you click the Add button to select which path(s) you want to include. The Add window lists the paths you can select from, on the left side.

However, the My Computer object, where the roots of all of your drive letters are accessed, is currently being listed after all of the folders that exist on your desktop. You may have to scroll down a few pages before you can even see My Computer, right before the desktop files are listed.

In most other applications, like in Windows Explorer, or in each app’s file picker, the My Computer object floats at the very top of the list. For ease of use and consistency, the Add window should act the same.

In a posting in the AV Bugs topics, it was also suggested that My Computer would be easiest to access if it were positioned at the very top of the list, and not as a child of the Desktop object.

Simple, should be easy to implement, and far more intuitive :slight_smile:

+1 from me :wink:

I discovered that the My Computer object is also hard to find, very similar to the above, but in the My File Groups window.

Go to the main Settings window > Defense+ > My protected files > Groups > right click the list and choose Add, and the Existing Items list has My Computer listed after all of your desktop folders.