creating rules with tcp/udp portsfrom the first alert message

Hi Together,

I am new to comodo fw. At the moment I am using Vista 64Bit. The last FW system on my XP-box was the kerio personal fw.

From the Kerio system I know that if am asked by the system to block/allow a connection I could add the specific IP-ports and IP-address to the rule.
The comodo fw only lets me block or allow ALL request from the application. I cannot modify the rule to allow only ports/specific IPs. YES, I know hat I could edit the rules afterwords in the advanced section of the fw, but that seems to be an awful way because then I have to investigate the used ports and addresses - the kerio systems shows me those details inside the first alert box.

Is there any way to add special rules directly from the alert box?



Sorry no you cannot I found that handy aswell used kerio before (Not Sunbelt)

The only way you can get IP’s and ports in your rules is to used Custom Policy Mode and set the alert level at very high in Network Defense.

This does cause problems as all rules are set like this, and have to be edited afterwards.