Creating baseline snapshot hangs with disk error

I deleted a good number of my old snapshots and told Time Machine to create a new baseline. When it reboots, Time Machine starts creating the baseline, but then reports what appears to be a drive error and hangs.

Unfortunately, I’m at work and can’t provide the exact text of the error. I will do so this evening.

But, is there a way to cancel this action or keep Comodo from loading during boot? Since I can’t get Windows to boot or seem to find a way to get back into the Comodo boot controls, I’m afraid I might be caught in a failing task that will keep me from using the machine.


“Deleting snapshots” is step 1, step 2 is to utilize CTM’s compacting function to compact and claim back those space used for the deleted snaps. Did you do compacting after deleting those snaps ?

If everytime you turn on your machine it just keeps on that loop of creating baseline and hanging there, you would have just one option left which is to restore the MBR.

Pls. read

Thanks for the quick response. I had deleted all snapshots not directly in line between my current and the baseline. I compressed them and what appeared to be a defrag of some form. Everything was going perfectly, so I set to build a new baseline and went to bed only to find the screen still up this morning and hung at 16%. Restarting never got me past about 7% with the ongoing errors. I was hoping to avoid rebuilding the MBR, but that looks like the best path. Will just wipe out the Time Machine references and restart from there.

I would suggest adding an ability to kill a snapshot operation and go straight to booting a major feature need at this point.