Creating a New Baseline

Hello and thank you for your help (in advance).

I’m ready to create a new baseline closer to my current “you are here” position. However the manual (yes I read it) says…


" By resetting the baseline snapshot you will

  • Delete the old baseline snapshot and all child snapshots that were derived from it;
  • Set the current state of your system as the new baseline – thus creating a reference snapshot for all subsequent snapshots.


I do not want the current state to become the new basline. I want the snapshot I took about 7 days ago to be the baseline and all snapshots between THEN and NOW to remain the same as they are.

QUESTION: If I restore my system to the snapshot I took 7 days ago, does that mean it will make THAT “current” snapshot the new baseline, deleting all the ones before IT and leave all those since that one intact so I can then restore the real present/current snapshot?

I’m thinking this can be done but just in case it can’t I don’t want to take any chances.

Thank you. I look forward to your reply,
Mark Hamilton

Restore to it, then reset the baseline.
All other snapshots will always be lost.