Create specific rules auto

Hello and sorry by my language (I only speak a very very little bit of english):

I expect to you can understand and help to me.

Is there any way for comodo firewall auto learn the behavior of aplications and apply the exatly rules (protocol, port, direction,…)?

I´m have been testing a lot of options and I only get rules like: Allow all traffic from Mac to Mac in all directions when the protocol is IP.

Thank you

If you put the firewall in Training mode and set the Alerts to very high it will learn and automatically create rules of this kind.

If you decide to use training mode, make sure toy don’t leave it on permanently, just use the firewall in this mode for a day or so, then set it to custom policy mode.

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A lot of thanks, Radaghast!!

That´s exactly what i am looking for!!
Fast and efficient. With the pictures there isn´t way to lo confussion. OK!!

Thanks, master!