Create rules for safe apps in D+.Why is box not ticked by default?.

Hi Guys.When i install Cis the create safe applications box under D+ general settings is unticked by default.My question is. What advantage or benefit do i get by ticking it, and am i less secure by not.If less secure by not ticking the box, why then is it not enabled by default?.Can someone also explain exactly what the create rules for safe apps means in laymans terms please.


If you have “Create rules for safe apps” ticked then there are two main differences:

  1. The rule set gets very large.

  2. If the safe program gets replaced it is automatically allowed to do everything is has done before.

The first may slow down your system. The second could make it less secure. Think of malware modifying a program.

I think it is better to leave it unticked. I think the option is there there so when you upgrade a program to a new version that CIS does not recognize you do not get pop-ups.

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