"Create rules for safe applications" vs. whitelisting

I’m running COMODO Firewall and Defense+ in Proactive mode with everything except Sandbox enabled. My D+ Security Level is set to Safe Mode with “Create rules for safe applications” ticked. My firewall works normally and alerts me according to the rules Ive set it to use.

Yet I get no alerts whatsoever from D+. I haven’t deleted anything on the whitelist so I assume Comodo still uses it. So my questions is: does “Create rules for safe applications” really override the whitelist? At the moment it seems that it doesn’t, even though I think it definitely should.

Thank you for your time.

  • spitfoo

EDIT: Nevermind. It seems that every software I’ve been using lately is whitelisted and thus not alerted to me. Every trusted software is now also listed under D+ Computer Security Policy → D+ Rules.

So, everything works as it should. Sorry for questioning your trustworthiness, Comodo!!