Create new programs rules

Hi all,
adding a rule to block a program I realized that did not work, even by adding “active processes”.
Then I tried to delete all, set to “custom rules” sign out and reconnect to my wifi network, in fact I have appeared pop up and continue to sail I had to allow the request. But the requests always come from “Windows operating system” rather than by individual programs so after accepting all requests my pc in practice is open to all!

I hope I explained …
Thank you very much

(i forgot: i’ve last CIS release and Win 7 home premium)

Hi gatoalberti,

It is a bug in CIS 5.12; see here :;msg636808#msg636808
It will be corrected in next version.

Are there a temporarily work around to block a new program?
Thanks a lot

To my knowledge no, but I may have missed some info.

there are another strange thing: in a identic pc programs rules working correctly. May depend on some windows updates that are not made?