Create new group please?

Is it possible for someone to create a new group within the following grouping with a name something like “General Security Related Questions and Comments (not product related)”

If not, why not?



(attached: Picture of where I think it would fit)

[attachment deleted by admin]

I want to start a thread - or group - dedicated to just the generally good things a person can do to keep their computer buttoned up tight against the “ghailies and ghaisties and lang legged beasties” that wander around out on the Internet…



You too got the forum enhancement virus… ;D
Please vote at the forum enhancements poll

I don’t think we Mods have the permissions for that sort of task; that will need to come from the Admins or web development team.


They (admins?) looked at your request and carried it through! :D. I noticed this today when I was in the midst of moving a topic. Here’s the new board:,85.0.html

Never say, “never”, Mac. ;D

This certainly provided Gibran a shining opportunity to show off his forum enhancement thread :stuck_out_tongue: