Create An Optional Online Installer [M962]

1. What version of CIS, or Comodo Firewall, are you currently using:

2. What actually happened or you saw:
Installer is really big and and you need to download pretty much everything even if you only want to install a bare-bone CIS.

3. What you wanted to happen or see:
I would like to see an online installer.
Basically it’s like the normal installer however it’s really small (KB size, single digit MB size at worst) and you would first do your selections (like AV, Firewall, GeekBuddy, PrivDog and location etc) then the installer would detect whether it’s a 32bit or 64bit system and then it would download the needed files. This way, if you don’t select PrivDog, GeekBuddy, Yahoo etc then the data for them doesn’t need to be downloaded which makes for a smaller total download size.


  • Would be small, preferably in Kilobyte size but at worst in single digit Megabyte size.
  • Instead of having to download everything it would only have to download the necessary files for that specific installation.

[li]If I select PrivDog then it’s downloaded.

  • If I deselect PrivDog then it’s not downloaded.
  • This would be an optional installer, a full installer should still be provided.

4. Why you think it is desirable:
This would be better for users with data caps or just generally low bandwidth.

5. Any other information:
Comodo used to also have an optional Online Installer, but they got rid of it for some reason. I would like to see it back.

Thank you for submitting this Wish Request. I have now reset the poll and moved this to the WAITING AREA.

Please be sure to vote for your own wish, and for any other wishes you also support. It is also worthwhile to vote against wishes you think would be a waste of resources, as implementing those may slow down the wishes you would really like to see added.

Thanks again.

Thanks Sanya for creating this wish here :slight_smile: I voted yes :-TU

But it would be good if core protection i.e FW + AV is selected by default & rest Opt-In. This will be good for majority/average users in my opinion.
And Thank You for creating this wish list.
This have been raised many times but nothing happened. Hope they do listen this time.

I agree with Naren on this one. Make core components part of install package and offer rest as downloads during install.

Look at screenshot, this is what is inside od CIS install today. Bunch of stuff that not many people use. I can understand Comodo wants to market/offer their own software (Geekbuddy, Dragon and Privdog) although as I said I would like them to be available as serparate online download. Who will use this additional programs? Someone who wants to use it and someone tricked into installing. How abut but Yandex, who will use that? I guess no one outside of Russia needs it.

What is the difference between actual having these programs in installer and offering it in installation as check box versus having it online and offering it in installation.

We have 2 cases with core+online install:

  1. Somebody wants whole package.
    • all-in-one installer - download all, check all (default), install all / size (transfer) = 220MB
    • core + additional online download - download core, check all (default), downloads additional, install all / size (transfer) = 220MB
  2. Somebody wants just core protection.
    • all-in-one installer - download all, uncheck additional, install core / size (transfer) = 220MB
    • core + additional online download - download core, uncheck additional, instal core / size (transfer) = 120 - 220MB

And 3rd option as Sanya sugested:
3. just online install - download core, uncheck additional, instal core / size (transfer) = 60 - 220MB (even smaller cause it can download just 32 or 64 bit)

There are few wishes for this installer change and something should be changed cause what we have now seems least preferred.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Option 1 is what is currently done.
A wish for option 2 can be found here.
This is the wish for option 3.

There is another issue which I would really like to see addressed as well, which is provided here. All programs should be presented in the main window instead of being hidden under Customize Installer.

I assume the devs will not be able to incorporate all of these wishes, but if they incorporate at least two of the three I think that would drastically improve the CIS installation process. :-TU


I would like to thank everyone who has voted on this particular enhancement. As there have been 20 or more votes, and more than 75% of those votes were positive, I have added this to the tracker for consideration by the devs. However, do note that even though this wish will be considered by the devs, it does not necessarily mean that it will be implemented. I will update this topic when I have any additional information.

Thank you.

Added with version 10 BETA.

Hope it helps.