CRCSS trying to stop comodo ??

I am getting lots of defense plus actions (see attached screenshot) where CRCSS seems to be trying to terminate comodo!
Anyone any ideas? I have seen no COMODO pop ups or warnings from AVG or SWT.

Running Wiindows XP SP3

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Have you done any tinckering with the Defence+/Computer Security Policy or your “My File Groups”

CSRSS(Client Server Runtime process) is part of Windows System Applications so should be in the exceptions list for CIS

It looks like yours is in the right place, being in the System32 folder, could you have a look in Defence+/Computer Security Policy–>Find the entry for Comodo Internet Security and double click it, now click on “Protection Settings” and then “Modify” next to Process terminations. You should see like the screenshot below.

Could you also do a search for csrss.exe and note the properties/Details of the file.

It looks like you get 2 entries at a particular time, would these correspond to you switching off?


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Thanks for that Matt:
Yes I haddnt spotted that. It is indeed happening when the machine is shutting down.

I checked the exceptions list (see Screen shot) and crcss seems to be present

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