crc v nti dvd

Hi how do I exclude nti backup 4 & nti dvd maker from crc scan? The problem is it stops nti working. Thanks

Hello Stuartm,

If it’s for the Registry scan you can include it in the “Ignore List” if you know which keys to exclude…

The disk cleaner also has this “Ignore List” for files and folders…

Hope that helps a bit.

Hi ! new poster on here and also dare I say it pretty much a novice.
a couple of questions pls. the antivirus successfully removed virus off my pc. however I now have when logging on a DLL error code. I would like to run the pc clean tool ( windows xp )
Am I ok to go ahead installing the clean up tool and which programme 32 or 64


Hello FCFan and welcome to the forums, you can try CSC the new version also has a SAFE Deletion feature which is supposed to help you in case you run in to trouble after “cleaning” something.

x32 bits = is the good old normal Windows version
x64 bits = if you have more than 4GB of system memory a board (and you want to use it :wink: but then you will have to run Windows x64 also.

Can you tell us what the exact error message is, maybe there is an easier/faster solution to your problem ?