CRC update feature hangs, add/remove problems

Hi. I dont know if I’m in the correct section for this question. For the last week or so when I try and run the program it hangs on the update feature and wont go any further. Now the strange thing is, today I uninstalled this program, leaving CIS alone, and the reg cleaner is still on my system and it is now working OK, although it is not showing in Programs or add remove programs. Any thoughts on this. Running XP Pro x64

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It Seems That Uninstaller Has Not Done What It Supposed To Do.
Try To Use The Uninstall Command Displayed in the Registry To Uninstall Once Again

Use Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) To View The Following Registry Key:
Double-Click The UninstallString Registry Value For The Software You Need To Uninstall
Copy The Contents Of The Value Data Box By Selecting The Contents And Pressing CTRL+C
Quit Registry Editor.
Click Start, click Run, Press CTRL+V To Paste The Uninstall Command
Then Click Ok.

Check Now Whether CSC Had Got Uninstalled, If Not Update Us With The Results

Hi napsterz. I have looked in the registry and their are two Comodo entries. 1. Comodo Internet Security. 2. Comodo Safesurf. No reference to the registry cleaner. Thank you for your reply.

Edit. I have found one entry in the registry for the cleaner. It resides in the MUI Cache … C:\System Volume Information_restore{8EDC8DBA-873A-4533-B14D-ADF2793F9634}\RP69\A0025846.exe Also after trying to uninstall I ran a scan. In the summary page it reports “number of scans = 1”


If you uninstalled CRC, it means you are using now the portable version and you can continue to do so, but my advice is to download and install Comodo System Cleaner 38 which contains a better, safer and improved Registry Cleaner. You can download it from here :

Thank you for your support.

Hi bosoiua.
I was reading about Cleaner 38 and that would have been my next question. I will download it. One question, what do I do with the old reg cleaner or will the new one disable it. Thanks for your help guys.

On a related note, I have CRC, and I get update notices about a newer version available - '…click here…".
However, each time, I get “Cannot download the update files.You might experience some internet connection problems. Please try again later.”
I do not seem to have any other internet problems. I also checked my firewall, made sure to allow Comodo access. My current version is, which seems to be the latest, yes?
I’m running XP 32bit, SP3.