CRC compacter caused error on PC

ok im new here and idk where to post or anything but i desprately need help. I did a reg cleanup and it found 3,000+ errors. I cleaned it magic yay. THen I did the compress reg becasue I thought it would give me more space. it asked when I was done to restart the comp i said yes BUT THEN MY COMPTUER DIDNT RESTART. I AM SO ANGRY NOW!! MY COMPUTER IS MISSING A DLL FILE AND IM USING LINUX (same comp different os) WITH LOW RES TO WRITE THIS. Please!!! help. How can i fix that dll. I know my dad knows how to but cmon how can i go up to him and ask “hey dad i messed up my comp it wont start up properly now can you fix it?” IT WONT WORK OUT NICELY. please please please help.

Hi, sorry for the trouble. If you used CRC compacter you obviously used a very (relatively) old version of CRC, known to cause problems for some users. For the next time I suggest you upgrade to the latest CSC which includes a newer CRC.

Now, about that DLL. I honestly don’t know exactly how the compacter works, thus I don’t know what’ve happened to the DLL. What’s the name of the DLL? Maybe you can try looking for it at and try to put it in the right Windows folder via Linux.

thanks. Yeah i just recently found I can acces all my windows files from my linux. its a good thing i didnt uninstall it. I was about to do it so I would have 7gb more space btu i didnt and im happy.

I used the latest version of comodo that new beta one i found the link in an article. of course mabye it isnt beta anymore mabye it was an old beta.

pretty much the message when I turn my comp on says it cant find entry point c0000139 and RtlUnhandledExceptionFilter ntdll. dll. Is missing from the dinamic link library.

How do i know where to put the file once I get it?

edit: Ok I found the ntdll.dll file and I have it. But idk which file to put t in. I tried system 32 and some other place that had dlls but idk which one. Netiher worked so im going to keep trying more.

I did a search on my own Windows XP SP3 system and I found ntdll.dll in the system32 folder. Maybe it has to be registered as well? There’s some simple line to write in “Run…”, however, I don’t know what to write. I’m sure there’s someone else here who knows. If this doesn’t work I’m afraid I’m out of ideas. ???

If this is of any use screenshot below of search for ntdll.

[attachment deleted by admin]

If you can’t find exactly what you need to restore your .dll file and be able to boot up your computer, this might help. I had this same problem on an XP laptop one time when I used the registry compact function in Comodo Registry Cleaner, before Comodo removed the compactor due to these kinds of problems. I was able to solve the problem by downloading UBCD4Windows. My post on this issue is at: Click on this link and then scroll down to Reply #42 on: September 23, 2008, 09:28:59 PM.

This is a little complicated, but it works. You have to have either your operating system disk for Windows XP if you were provided one by the computer manufacturer, or you can download an XP SP3 operating system ISO from and then burn it to CD. Instructions for how to use the UBCD4Windows recovery disk together with the Windows XP SP3 ISO installation disk that you created are at: How To Fix The Windows Registry Hive Error - Technibble

Most computer manufacturers only provide an emergency recovery disk that restores your computer to the original state it was in when you bought it. That emergency recovery disk is the last thing in the world that you want to use, because you lose all your files and settings if you choose to use it. Having a CD of your operating system is invaluable and allows you to use it in most instances to repair severe operating system problems without restoring the computer to its original state when you bought it. Although for this particular problem, I opted for the UBCD4Windows recovery disk in conjunction with the ISO Windows XP SP3 ISO disk. The instructions on the Technibble website are pretty easy to understand and should allow you to restore your registry to a point prior to having run the CRC compactor. This UBCD4Windows recovery disk allows you boot up your computer and access registry backups that are created automatically by your Windows OS, but that your Windows OS doesn’t give you access to. I guess Microsoft figures that only computer repair technicians need access to these registry backups. Good luck!