CRC caused desktop/taskbar not to load (pls see registry backup attachments)

I used the latest CRC (standalone, extracted from a CSC 1.0.59482.18 installation) three times in a row on Windows XP SP3 fully patched and heavily nLited. Found out that one of the two attached .reg-files (I can’t tell which one as I restored them both at the same time, sorry about that) contains essential keys needed for my desktop.

This happened: After cleaning, I used the registry compacter NTREGOPT. It prompted for reboot and so I did. Then, it took much longer to load my user profile (the blue screen of Welcome was diplayed longer than normal). The desktop background was visible and RocketDock loaded after a while (also with a long delay) but the taskbar never showed up. I couldn’t load Windows Explorer (Win Key + E) either. The only way to access programs was via the Windows Task Manager (or RocketDock). In Task Manager I saw that explorer.exe was running, but only one svchost.exe, not two as I normally have.

From the Windows Task Manager, I launched CRC and restored the first backup. Rebooted and no change, desktop still didn’t work. Then I restored the other two backups (the ones attached) at the same time, rebooted, and now the desktop works as expected.

I hope you can find important info from any of the .reg-files, and maybe from the fact that I had just one svchost.exe running, not two (yes I only have two svchost.exe since I’ve disabled many Windows Services).


Ps. The attachments are in .txt since I’m not allowed to upload .reg-files.

EDIT: I’m deleting the two attachments and I’m attaching something else:

After restoring all backups, I re-ran CRC and deleted ALL entries - including Unsafe entries. The desktop problem came back. I restored again, and desktop worked. Finally I ran CRC again and deleted ONLY Unsafe entries. Now desktop didn’t work. Restored the Unsafe entries and it worked again. Conclusion: the problem was caused by deleting Unsafe entries, and those are the ones attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Dude your a life saver!

Cheers :BNC

This helped you?


Surprised ? Why is it called unsafe entries you think ? 88)


I’m not surprised, but I question why CRC even offers to clean unsafe entries. That’s kind of a contradiction as the program aims to improve system stability and performance. :THNK


Not really, it’s for more eXPerienced people who know what they’re doing when revising the keys :slight_smile:


Then we have different views on that. :-La


I agree. I think the name should be changed to “Entries that may be unsafe to delete”

Some time ago I posted this recommendation, which would help resolve the safety issue you raised:

It would be nice to have a check box option…something like an “expert mode.” By default this would be un-selected, which would mean that “entries that may be unsafe to delete” would not appear in the list of entries that can be fixed. This may help prevent inexperienced users from damaging their system. When the expert mode is selected, then the “entries that may be unsafe to delete” would appear in the list. Also, if any of the “unsafe entries” are selected, it would be nice to to see a pop up that says “Deleting these entries may cause irreversible damage to your operating system. Are you sure you want to delete them?”


Yeah, finally :wink:

It would be nice to have a check box option...something like an "expert mode." By default this would be un-selected, which would mean that "entries that may be unsafe to delete" would not appear in the list of entries that can be fixed.
[s]Good idea, could you post this [url=]in the wishlist[/url] please ?[/s] edit: it seems you did that already (:m*)