Crazy update

I try to update my Comodo AV now and it says 112MB or 127MB load! What?

Yep, here to 112 / 127 MB must I stop this?

I can understand 70MB for the occasional program update.
But 112MB for a virus definitions update?

This is not a newly installed copy of Comodo antivirus. It’s been updating the database daily for months now. Suddenly I get this massive 112MB virus definitions update.

I’m running on a 5GB monthly cap. That translates to 166MB per day. That means a virus definitions update has just consumed more than half my daily quota.

Did I mention that 5GB cap is shared between 3 computers, and 5 people?

What gives? If this happens again I’ll go back to Avast.


Location = UK

CIS = Latest version
Last updated Virus Database on 13th August 2012
Time of Update failure = Attempted to update virus database between 08.45 and 10.30 a.m. BST on 14th August 2012

Virus Database Updater attempts to download Base End User v13231.cav (112mb)[sometimes says 127mb]

After a while a window opens stating that virus update failed

Is there a bug in the Virus Database Updater?
Is there a bug in Base End User v13231.cav?
Is anyone else having this problem?

Yeah… what’s going on ?!

I’ve taken a screenshot, see for yourselves…
It started downloading but then it said that it failed to update and I should check my connection… the connection is fine.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ve got the same problem CAV database still at 13232 but last update is 13236 atm.

Hi everybody,

I have Comodo Internet Security Premium installed in my system, which is Windows xp service pack 2.
I checked with my Internet connection and it is 6.75 Mbps as download speed, 0.33 Mbps as upload speed.

I always noticed that the virus database update was slow, but for small files (I launch the update daily myself) the procedure required at last 5 minutes. However the software is unable to do the last update, the BASE_END_USER_v13231.cav, which is a big file (127 MB!), considering the usual: the download is slow, 2.50 MB after 10 minutes, and it ends prematurely.

The message is the following:
“Failed to update the virus signature database.
Please check your Internet connection and try again later”.

How can I solve the problem?
Is there any possibility to download the file directly via browser and do the update manually?

me too.

Must be a problem with Comodo servers.

I have merged all two three four topics together, due to the obvious.

I am not certain if you guys are still having this issue, in my location updating is normal with no problems.

I understand you all posted in a very short time period, but please have a quick search for an issue that arises suddenly to see if a topic has already been started about it.
Thanks from Captainsticks.

same probleme here.
I can’t update fresh install, downloading is slow and Fail after 3 or 4min

We can’t all have a problem just like that. All today. Something is wrong with Comodo server. I can’t find any topic on this.

As of 11.45 a.m. UK BST - Virus Updater still not working


I can't find any topic on this.
Your topic is the topic, you was the earliest poster on this issue. ;)

Oh you mean that! LOL! ;D

So the problem only in UK? Comodo server in UK not working? At least we know this. Where is Comodo staff when you need them?

I dont have CIS installed currently.

But CCE updated fine & gave the databases 13236

I am from India.

Win 7 64

Yeah I saw that in my CCE as well. Where is the closest Comodo server to India?

I called Comodo in UK. Nobody is picking up the phone. Maybe they are busy sorting out this issue?

I’m from the Netherlands and I’m facing the same problem. I have Comodo Cleaning Essentials installed and I’m running Windows 7 32 bit.
My connection with the internet is good (8 mb up, 1 mb download) and I don’t have any capacity restrictions.

I’m from Germany and I have the same problem ???

To all Comodo staff. With all respect this is ridiculous! None of you told us what’s going on! None of you made an apology! You seem to ignore all customers.