Crazy fast Violinist.

I found this recording of Carman fantasy for violin played by Sergey Kyrlov. The last 2 minutes is incredible in my opinion.

Hi andrei1997,

Thanks for posting that & it is great that you are into classical music

My personal opinion about the performance that you posted
Having musical education in addition to automation process control & programming I may tell you that the performance was less than ordinary; many bugs :slight_smile: meaning bad notes; the speed at the end means nothing - faulty & not necessary & not compared by speed that any mentioned below can reach without making mistakes
aside note: do you speak Russian? If so - (ru:”кексов” очень много :slight_smile: )
As a whole - it’s good for promoting decent classical music. I would not deny that
Similar to “three tenors”, which is outrageously commercial ■■■■ (we had/have better tenors)… but it is essential, when you have to send a message for those who are listening to Madonna/ Justin Bieber/ Britney Spears / One Direction/ & so on … & so forth (ooowww ahhhaya!, having goose bumps heheh!)

well, retuning to the topic …

To name just a few violinist from my mind:
Jascha Heifetz
Yehudi Menuhin
David Oistrach
Leonid Kogan
Emil Gilels
Itzhak Perlman
Gil Shaham

Searching the above you can find what violin is all about playing a lot + Pablo de Sarasate masterpieces (including records by Sarasate)
… and unfortunately we don’t have records by Niccolò Paganini himself, but all the above played that music(!)

Anyway, thanks for the refreshment in any case :slight_smile:


Do you like Viktoria Mullova ?

Her story is like a James Bond movie.

During a tour of Finland in 1983, Mullova and her lover, Vakhtang Jordania, who posed as her accompanist so they could defect together, left the hotel in Kuusamo, after Jordania told the KGB officer who was watching them that Mullova was too sick from drinking to attend the afterparty. The Stradivari violin owned by the Soviet Union was left behind on the hotel bed. A Finnish Broadcasting Company journalist, accompanied by a photographer, drove them in a rented car across the border to Luleå, Sweden, and they travelled further to Stockholm. In Sweden, they applied for political asylum. At that time, the Swedish police treated the young, on-the-run musicians just like any other political defectors from the Eastern Bloc: they suggested that the couple stay in a hotel over the weekend until the American embassy opened. So for two days they sat under false names in a hotel room, not even daring to go down to the reception desk—wisely, as it turned out, because their photographs were on the front page of every newspaper. Two days later they were in Washington, D.C. with American visas in their pockets.

As a violinist myself. I know a lot of excellent violinists. I not at that level yet. Still working hard to get to play that song. Som you may not know are. Victoria Mullova, Joshua bell, Fabio biondi, Isebelle faust, Janine Jansen, and leonidas Kavakos.

I’ll see your crazy fast violinist and raise you a crazy fast clean guitarist - Al Di Meola - Acoustic Medley - YouTube.

You’re welcome. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I see that, Check this out.