Crazier than Ganda

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I decided to close the “A girl for Ganda” topic, because that is a “Mission Impossible” anyhow ;D So if you know someone who is crazier than Ganda ( And I don’t mean Soya :stuck_out_tongue: ) post it here ;D

Greetz, Red.

This one is on topic ;D

Greetz, Red.

ouch that hurts >:(
who said i’m crazy >:( i’m a romantic,loving & caring person (:SHY)
of course there’s a lot of ppl crazier than me, we have 2 clean freak (only 1 then, soya doesn’t count), 1 lock freak, 1 FF freak,1 “known” psychotic freak (there’s a lot more) and you freaky freak.

(i’ll be crazy if my ISP doesn’t fix this connection prolem soon >:( )

We have 3 clean freaks. L.A. Soya (now he counts) and me - but I’m using Vista so I’m left aside >:( ;D

and one self proclaimed freak ;D i don’t know ppl an be so happy about being crazy ;D

I know someone is crazier then Ganda!

My drugo-cuz. Very sad…


Does your drugo-cuz post in these kinds of topics?

If no than (s)he is saner than Ganda.



Josh is crazier than Ganda ! Looks at him go ! Posting, locking like mad ;D

Does hoovering in a dress classify you as a clean freak?

Just wondering ;D

It’s a Toga dude. ;D A tradicional Roman clothing. :smiley:

If thats what you wanna call it thats fine by me.

I still think it`s a dress (:TNG)

Anyway, it’s cool. And I have armor underneath it :smiley:

it’s not ??? (:TNG)

Chastity belts do NOT count as armor.

Here`s one!!! click on it.

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Thank you for sharing your photo clip.