Crawling system.

Hello. I have the firewall installed and it works very well and I’m liking it a lot.

I installed the anti-virus program and upon reboot my system crawled so slow I never could do anything but attempt to reboot. It never even finished loading all the way. After a reboot I decided to go into safe mode. I deleted everything from the virus program I could find in the programs folder and then ran C Cleaner to take out the rest. Rebooted and now I’m back to normal. What’s going on and why is it happening? Is there a fix for this?


Unfortunately, this is a known problem (happens to me as well) & there is no official fix for this. My advice would be to wait for CAVS 2, which is a major improvement/update to CAVS 1.1.

I, too, Have tried CAV Beta1.1 and found it unusable. When attempting to do a system scan, it locked-up on a desktop file containing back-ups - folders, software, icons…). I had tried disabling Webroot’s Spy Sweeper (then their 5.2 Beta), but that had no effect (nor did attempting to un-install and re-install CAV).

An e-mail to Customer Support generated a reply from Jonathan, who said that this was a known issue and to wait for CAV version 2; that was on 10 Oct. I saw on Melih’s blog of 11 Oct. that Beta 2 was expected out on the 12th (would that be October or November?).

In any case, I also had had a problem with CF when I first tried using it a few months ago, and (again Jonathan) suggested waiting for its next version, which I did. Now, CF works flawlessly on my computer (Dell Inspiron 8200, with a P-4M @ 1.8 GHz & Win XP Pro SP2) and easily lives up to PC Magazines ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ and ‘Gizmo Richards’ Tech Support Alert’ strong recommendations.

Good things ARE very much worth waiting for - and these are FREE!! (:CLP)

Perhaps a dumb question (please don’t be rough on me),
but can anyone tell me when Comodo AntiVirus and AntiSpyWare will get out of their béta fase?

Since the 12th (as well as the 16th) October have passed already, I figured the final products (or at least the second béta’s) should have been available by now.

Don’t get me wrong, (L) , but I’m still waiting…


When CAVS Beta 2 is released the final version of CAVS will be made available within a few weeks if everything goes smoothly.


This QA list has been v usefull for me:)

I have installed lots of comodo free software but then my pc got v slow so I guess it is ‘crawling’. I have tried to delete the software that I just installed but it is so slow that I can not even get into the c drive to delete the installed files! Can anyone suggest any other way to solve this problem (other than giving the computer a ■■■■■■ good thrashing).

Is it possible to uninstall software via a special route or speed up the computer so this can be done?


the only time i ever experienced slowness was when I had battling security software… like 2 anti-viruses with real-time enabled. uninstall what is conflicting with CAV and all should be fine. The only other anti-virus software I installed afterwards was BitDefender 8 (free) as it is scan on demand only and can be scheduled; so I use it as my systems weekly “sanity check” scan.

Thanks for the info:)


I’m a new Comodo user. I love Comodo Firewall so much yesterday I downloaded Comodo AntiVirus and installed it on my main email laptop. In my case, I have been running the full McAfee Internet suite. The Comodo AntiVirus instructions strongly suggested I uninstall any “antivirus” applications, so I uninstalled the McAfee AntiVirus, but left the other three McAfee products from the Internet Suite installed on the machine.

I experienced Comodo install error 1719 during the install. When I attempted to restart the machine, I too experienced unbelievably slow startup progress. It took at least 20 minutes to reach a not-fully-complete initial desktop. I finally shut down the machine using the power switch.

After numerous attempts to recover the machine, I did find an approach that I think might help other users if they find themselves in this predicament. BTW, my OS is Win 2000, SP4, Rollup 1.

I used the following steps to recover the machine’s normal operating speed:

  1. Turn on the power switch.
  2. Press F8 during the black screen “hash marks” to enter the Safe Mode of Windows startup.
  3. Once you get to the Safe Mode desktop, you can easily go to the Services window found at:
    /Start/Settings/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services
  4. Scroll down through the listed services, locate the Comodo AntiVirus service, highlight that line, right click, and select Properties
  5. At the white box that says Startup type: click the down arrow for the dropdown menu, and select “Disabled”
  6. Click the Apply button and then the OK button to close out of that service.

In my case, I repeated the above process to also disable all my McAfee services that were running on the machine. I couldn’t tell, at the time, whether the McAffee services or the Comodo services were causing my problem, but I was pretty sure there was some sort of conflict going on between the two.

I then closed out of all the open windows, and restarted the machine. On restart, I allowed the machine to boot up normally - which fortunately it now did.

I then “completely removed” all McAfee software and all Comodo AntiVirus software from the machine, and rebooted. The machine came up just fine - all normal. I then tried a second install of Comodo AntiVirus. The first startup of this newly reinstalled Comodo AntiVirus seemed to sart up OK, but after I went out and Updated Comodo AntiVirus and restarted the machine the second time I am now back in “Molasses Heaven”

Fortunately, I now know I can hard shutdown the machine, reboot into Safe Mode, and then shut down the Comodo AntiVirus service again, to get me out of this pickle.

Guess I will stay away from Comodo AntiVirus until I hear that this problem is resolved.

For what it’s worth, I noted “two” Comodo AntiVirus icons running in my Windows System Tray following the Update that I ran. I have no idea what that might indicate, but it certainly appears unusual to me. I mention this in case that info might useful to the developers in troubleshooting this problem.

This experience raises another question in my mind:
Is Comodo AntiVirus vulnerable to an intruder shutting down the Comodo AntiVirus service? I don’t know if it is even possible for an intruder to shut down services on a Windows machine, but I’d be curious to know if the Comodo Team has considered this - because I found it a very simple method to disable the AntiVirus application.

I finally discovered the AntiVirus Beta forum - which I had missed the first time I entered these forums. On that Forum, they had posted the URL for the latest Beta release: v. I downloaded that version, made sure all previous versions of Comodo AntiVirus were removed, and installed the above Beta version without a hitch. Other than a whole bunch of popups that have to get answered, the version appears to be running smoothly (and quietly). I really don’t have a means to test whether or not it is providing effective protection for my machine, but at least it is now “operating” on my machine.

I’m not sure why the v.1.1 is the standard download, when it wreaks such havoc on the install. This v. Beta appears to be a much smoother install - at least for me.
I’m now looking forward to a pleasant experience with Comodo Antivirus.


It’s not too shabby, is it? :wink:

Please be aware that it is still a BETA, and you should only install this on a system that contains non-critical data or functionality. If you can live with a few speed wobbles every now and again, we’d love to hear of your experiences with the beta - good, bad and indifferent. If you expect it to operate flawlessly and not impact your system throughput at all, please do not install it.

Running beta software is like picnicing in the nude - exhilirating but sometimes you get bitten on the bum. LOL.

Good luck with the testing. Please let us know how you get on.

Ewen :slight_smile:

So does anybody know when this version 2 is supposed to be available?

I installed the 1.1 beta version (which is the only one available on the downloads page), and when I had it do a scan of my system, the CPU time for the scanner went to 97%, and the memory usage was at 100%. That’s not even beta … it should be pulled from the download page, it’s so bad.

I’d like to be using CAV, but the 1.1 beta isn’t even in an alpha state yet.

Ron Keen

Agree, 1.X beta was poor. Beta 2.X is available adn the latest iteration is really quite good. It still has a few rough edges and itsn’t quite ready for prime time, but it’s horribly close. If you have a look at the Beta Corner child board you should be able to find it.

As with all beta software, there are no guarantees of serviceability, consistency or continuity. The purpose of an open beta test is to find the problems. If you are willing to help, Comodo would greatly appreciate any input.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi, panic,

I have had the beta v. up and running on one machine (that is not carrying any important data) for several days now, and it appears to be running without a hitch. I schedule a virus scan in the wee hours of the AM and it tells me it’s scanned 50,000+ files and completed with 0 infections. It is using virus database The operation of CAVS appears to be running smoothly and I’m not experiencing any noticable problems on the machine. I guess the only thing I don’t know how to confirm: Is CAVS delivering “effective” V/S protection? Don’t know how to test that - other than observe over a long period of time that I remain V/S free.

Best regards,

I wish I had read this thread before installing CAVS and posting a similar thread for that matter - see,5092.0.html

I was not aware until reading this thread that the “official” download of CAVS, which is V1.0.0.1, was beta.

I fully agree with BlueSkye that CAVS v. should be removed from the download page and taken outside and shot.

I’m with DarkHorz.

Panic if Beta 1.x is poor what is it doing as the main download?

"If you expect it to operate flawlessly and not impact your system throughput at all, please do not install it. "

How about putting a similar comment to this (in a more marketing correct manner) on the download page rather than

“Simple to use: install and forget”

and then have potential future customers waste a day trying to reverse out of the dog!!!

Hi All (:WAV)

I would have thought that someone would have responded by now. Anyway, whilst CAVS 1 is indeed classified as being a beta on the download page & is considered poor by some (myself included), mileage does seem to vary. Many people (the majority, I guess) have installed CAVS 1 without any of the issues described in this topic & are continuing to use it successfully to this day.

The problem with Comodo not being willing to remove CAVS 1 from the CAVS download page & replace it with the CAVS 2 beta, is IMHO fairly sensible. CAVS 2 is a major development, with a new & improved detection engine, unknown malware/spyware detection, HIPS and many other new components. So, with all this bleeding-edge new stuff in CAVS 2 it was just simply too much of a risk to encourage ordinary members of the public to download & install it. CAVS 2 beta testers experience has also varied. Some users have experience no problems, whilst others have suffered similar problems as described in this topic (high CPU usage) & worse (system crashes, etc…). In addition, it was only very recently that CAVS 2 started getting regular virus definition updates. Prior to that, you could only update the virus defs by downloading the new version and at one point these were being released weekly, with an full uninstall/re-install required each time. A major change was only just released last week. It is way too dangerous to generally release CAVS 2, since any one of these changes, especially the big ones, could be a show-stopper (it happens) & cause a lot of systems to fail. If you read the CAVS 2 beta topics, you’ll see that Comodo are working very hard & as fast as they can on CAVS 2.

Can you safely beta test? Probably, as long as you remember to set CAVS 2 to only Deny Access to anything that it detects, rather than allowing the default action of Quarantine (which isn’t very good for Windows when they are vital system components ;D ) and you should be OK.

The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.

“Anyway, whilst CAVS 1 is indeed classified as being a beta on the download page & is considered poor by some (myself included), mileage does seem to vary. Many people (the majority, I guess) have installed CAVS 1 without any of the issues described in this topic & are continuing to use it successfully to this day.”

Count me as one, I have installed CAVS 1 on my notebook, my desktop and on my fathers PC and all three installs went smooth and great. :slight_smile:

Hello, a bit late in this thread. Me too experienced the “PC crawling” (mine is a XP SP2 machine) when installing the currently available suite. I decided to uninstall Comodo software running against the machine, instead of the safe mode option. When XP started running, go (as fast as you can) to “Programs” and click the option “delete XXX”, being XXX the Comodo software. In my case, I started with the firewall, then the other products. By the way, when the machine started to crawl, a Comodo message sometimes appeared (many instances were opened simultaneously) like “Cannot Comunicate with Windows Terminal Services” plus something I could not read, because the message was displayed and closed fast. Hope this helps.