CrashPlan + COMODO

How can I setup COMODO to work with crashplan? This is totally firewall related since i tried the app in another PC with the exact same OS. I tried setting as trusted and opening port 4242.

Wait wait… seems to be working

CrashPlan was working for me in version 3, but now that I upgraded to 4 it is not. I tried to allow CrashPlan as a trusted application, and tried to open up port 4242- still no luck. Any suggestions would be awesome!

Windows7 64bit
Comodo Firewall 4.1
CrashPlan+ 3.8.2010

Try this:

Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policu → Global Rules and Add

Action - Allow
Protocol - TCP or UDP
Direction - In
Source A. - Any
Destination A. - Any
Source Port - Any
Destination Port - (check A single port) 4242 or what ever port is it

When Press Apply move it Up ( you have Move up option at th right)

Hope that help!


Tried that does not work. Crashpaln 3.5.2 Comodo Firewall 6