Crashing During FTP Backup

I’m trying to perform a custom backup to FTP and for some reason it is crashing before it finishes the backup. Is this a bug to be fixed in the next release?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Please create a dump file when crash occurs so we can determine the cause.
Instructions can be found here


It seemed to stop once I restarted the application.

Is there any way to do a differential backup via Comodo Backup. I’m trying to backup to FTP but when it tries to make a folder comparison it just says that a differential backup isn’t support? Is there a way around this?

Yes, you can use differential cbu backup.
Just make sure that the name of the backup is different than the base backup.


Is this not possible with the ‘Simple Copy’ function as I already have a lot backed up to the FTP?

No, only full backup is supported with simple copy backups to ftp.