crashes with shockwave flash

I wonder if I am the only one to have more crashes with shockwave flash with the latest CD version 25 than ever? Each time I download 2 different videos and let 5 or 6 other pages open CD becomes slower and slower before completely blocking within a minute or so and then announcing me that Shockwave flash has crashed… Since I downloaded CD 25, this happens each time… Pls how can I manage that?

I’m having a hard time even getting pages to correctly display anymore. Some act like non-responsive windows and Shockwave crashes every single time I try to load a page with a SWF contained on the page.

There seems to be several issues with the latest Dragon and Flash and it’s been said that a fix is on the way, at least for some of them.

After my mouse decided to crash and my keyboard was screwing up (just pressing the key “D” would display my desktop), I restarted the computer and it seems to have fixed the problem, for now. I still keeping Google Chrome cause the moment Dragon acts up again, I’m ditching the piece of ■■■■ software until I hear Comodo has gotten their act together. Clearly someone fouled up and published the update before thoroughly testing it for these problems.

While software is still being created, also trying to be compatible with a broad range of other software, hardware, OS and configurations or even some systems with integrity issues bugs from time to time are going to be inevitable.

I do understand frustrations and I am sure these issues are being looked into. :slight_smile:

I am encountering this problem as well…even with CD 25.2.

I had no problems with version 25.x, but I just installed 26 and now Flash doesn’t right. I uninstalled Flash Player and re-installed, but still not working. Where do I go go download previous versions of CD?

Hi pepe0001,
There is currently some conflicting bug between Dragon and Flash.

FileHippo Dragon will give previous versions.