Crashes On Game Start

I have done a search of “gameguard” since I am sure that is the culprit. It’s pretty much like this post.

Basically when I start up the game, it happens to be the same game, Pangya… Comodo Internet Security crashes. Which I guess is better than having the game crash and not work like it was before, but not nice to be un-protected. I try to start up Comodo after the game and it is a hit or miss as well, if it will crash again or not.

I have Defense+ disabled completely. I even put the files in safe files anyway just in case but still Comodo crashes. I have allowed it as trusted on my firewall… not every single file though. I don’t know how to make an entire folder and what’s inside as trusted and seems more of a pain to click every gameguard file as trusted in there not to mention it makes things more cluttered than they need to be. I even disable the firewall and still it crashes.

So I don’t know what could be causing this conflict exactly but just want to bring it up so maybe it can be fixed within the next update. I am glad most of it has been fixed though since the older versions of Comodo caused major problems in the past with gameguard, but I am glad to see it’s not as major as before and in fact better. Almost there to solving it completely Comodo.

Keep up the good work on making your programs the best out there.