crashed PC, software or hardware problem ? [Resolved]

hi all, (:WAV)
my friend has just bought a NEW computer. it’s a built-up comp, no brand. it crashed/hang all the time :THNK . i don’t know her comp specification, all i know it uses coreduo processor, 80GB seagate sata HDD, & 512mb DDRSDRAM visipro. no security software installed yet.
does anyone know possible cause(s) of this problem? could it be its hardware ?


I’m no expert, but it sounds like it’s some hardware error, since it most likely won’t crash due to software problem if it’s a fresh install. If she’s using Vista, that’ might be the problem.
Anyways, does it just crash, or does it display a BSoD? If yes, what’s the error message displayed (or component affected, like win32k.sys)?
Make sure that all components of the computer are properly plugged in as they should be. Especially check the RAM.
You should make sure that the fan’s ok and give enough air to the computer, which might cause it to turn off if it doesn’t. You should be able to see the temperature of the CPU in BIOS. Remember to check it after computer have been running for some time.
I guess she haven’t overclocked anything, cause that might cause a BSoD.
You can also run MemTest86 to check if there’s any errors with the RAM.
I don’t really think it’s caused by a malware, but run Trend Micro HouseCall so we can be 100% sure.
Else than that, I can’t think of anything at the moment.
Good luck!


(:WAV) Hi Ragwing, thx for replying.

she uses XP SP2, and no BSoD, it’s just crashed when i was using it (when i was watching movie, playing solitaire, browsing pictures :THNK ) and i can’t do anything except hard rebooting. (can’t open task manager, mouse & keyboard not responding at all).

i’ve checked the RAM & fan, no problem.
anyway (this is kinda stupid (:TNG) ) , i notice that my office comps (all built-up comps) always make “beep” sound right after i turn it on ( i think it’s connected to BIOS ??? ) but i didn’t hear it from her comp.
and i’ve heard that mismatching motherboard : RAM : Processor could cause this problem too. how do i know that she use a proper RAM? it has “PC5200” writing on it.

i’ll definitely try it! :■■■■
one problem, which one should i download (:TNG) and how to use it ???


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oh, and how do i do this (:NRD)

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Well, that’s problem. If she’s already connected to the internet.

If really is a new PC then chances are it’s not a software issue.

When the mouse & keyboard are unresonsive that’s most likely a hardware issue. I’m still suspecting it’s defective RAM. RAM is the easiest to test around with. You can simply swap out the cards/sticks with another one or set and test it. Or if she doesn’t any spare ones just take one card out at a time and monitor the status. MemTest86 is what I use at work, but it’s not a guarantee measure. Having the proper RAM type is also important. Not sure how to know which one should be used for her PC…

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Windows firewall is active ;D , she doesn’t use internet, the comp is her son’s comp

wow, she’s’s a new comp :o

well, i have some spare cards, but they’re not “PC5200”, is it OK to use different “type” RAM card ???

errr…any idea about the “beep” sound? (:TNG)

At the first boot? My company uses Lenovo’s, which produces that beep. I vividly recall during RAM replacement, that PC’s that didn’t have that beep meant that it wouldn’t boot-up. Later on confirmed it was a CMOS/RAM issue.

RAM type can be critical, depends on the processor or motherboard (I think). Come on. List us some names so that maybe others will know the answer.

huh ??? there’s second boot ? ;D it beeps every time i turn on my comps. but it didn’t happen to my friend’s comp.

names? what names ??? RAM? i’ve seen PC3200, PC2700 (i think), and PC5300 card, what that means?

My computer never beeps on boot.

PC2700 is old, but I have it, so I can confirm its existence :wink:
Anyways, it would be nice if she could download a system information tool and get the hardware specifications (motherboard, RAM, CPU).


Before Ganda asks, here’s one tool: Belarc Advisor - Belarc, Inc.

there goes my chance to add my post count >:( ;D
thx, i’ll try it , oops, i already have it (:TNG)
i’ll post the result later. :■■■■

nevermind!! :■■■■
my friend said, she has put the comp to the box and she will send it back to the comp store where she bought it. pheew, what a relief. :slight_smile:
thx guys
:■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

It was a wise decision. I would do the same rather than having to test out each hardware piece. It shouldn’t be expected of her to do so otherwise.

I’m ending this topic.