Crash Time 3 Game PC

I like to install and Mod older games currently using OS win 7 8g ram AMD Phenom™ ii x4 955 proc 64 bit ATI HD 4600 not the best graphics card but managed crysis well any way had odd threat through comodo i do not understand (see attached) and can not get game to install in rec setting ? Help ps comodo ! Exellent

[attachment deleted by admin]

There could be two things going on.

First thing would be that you are using a pirated version that comes with a malware. Second situation would be a false positive by the AV.

You can report the false positives in AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting following How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !.

Or you may decide to add the files to the AV exclusions.

original purchased disk never use pirated versions from dodgy torrents full of exec code ■■■■ have resolved (slightly red faced) very simple and have since completed mediocre game, ran as vista service pack 2 briefly suspended comodo original threat not seen again although seems there was something on disk comodo had an issue with when ru :-TUn as windows 7? many thanks for response Fingle

the need for speed threat was supposed to be a HD pack mod i understand response i was searching for ages for that and nearly got hit on that, (need for speed undercover HD texture Mod) i eventually found a mod that did not have bads on file.