Crash on install update

Hello, Forum!

Pleased with the Comodo firewall, I am eager to try BO Clean. The problem is, I have not yet been able to effect a full install. The installation goes as expected right up to the point where the app tries to update. At that point, it crashes out and freezes up, pulling up a pretty nonspecific message from Microsoft Error Reporting.

The computer I’m using is new, and at this point, has only Comodo firewall on it, as well as Windows Defender. I reverted to an earlier System backup where Windows Defender was not installed, and had the same outcome, so I now do not think there was a conflict with Windows Defender.

If anyone else has experienced a similar crash on a fresh install at the point of downloading updates, how did you resolve the problem? I’m eager to try this offering from Comodo, and look forward to a solution.

Thanks in advance! – Bree.

Try installing BOclean under safe mode, and dont update after you install it. Simply install under safe mode REBOOT into regular XP THEN update.