Crash Issues with Comodo Products

I am new here, was not sure where to post this.

I have installed on my pc, Comodo Antivirus, Firewall, BoClean, and Memory Firewall. I have always used and enjoyed the Firewall, and never had any issues at all. Now since I installed the Antivirus, BoClean and Memory Firewall, my PC keeps crashing out of nowhere. I don’t know what is causing it, but I can confirm that this is a fresh-install of Windows XP Pro, fully updated, non-SP3. (I tried SP3 before and it caused problems with everything, so I don’t use Service Pack 3 anymore, I just update everything up to that point, there is no need for it in my opinion.)

The only time I had anything reported back to me during a crash, was what is shown below. I took screen shots of both when they happened. All the rest of the crashes after this were Blue Screens of Death.

So, I hope these reports listed below helps the Comodo people fix whatever issues may be there, maybe they can look into it.

Other than that, I do not know what is casuing my BSOD’s, but it sucks.


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Hi basstrx

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The problem you are having is CAVS conflicting with another application on your computer. Do you have any other security apps running besides the Comodo ones you listed? If not, take all of the .exe’s in the Comodo anti-virus folder and put them in the exclude lists of both BoClean and Memory Firewall. You can try excluding them in BoClean first that may fix it for you, if not put them in CMF as well.

Let us know if this helps you.