Crash emptied firewall logs and firewall events are empty

I emptied the list of waiting for review files and opened the traffic window. Then CFP crashed.
After I started CFP manually firewall logs where erased and view firewall events didn’t show anyhything although traffic sayed my tor-server’s traffic and my bittorrent-clients traffic.

Have you clicked the More button on the Event log? Events from a previous bootup are not shown unless you click More. That displays a week’s worth of events.

I have clicked more and there aren’t any records of network traffic. If I click refresh in the current network events window CFP won’t even show me those.

Have you clicked on the “All The Times” (sic) button? I got nothing today because I have had fewer events as time goes by and clicking “This Week” and even “This Month” showed nothing (Happy New Year) :D. If you still get nothing, something is broken and you may have to install it again.