Crash Dump File (Confliction with Paint.NET installer)

-Comodo FP v3.0.14.276
-CPU 32 bit
-Win XP SP2
-NOD32 3.0 trial ran and monitored actively.
-def+ settings:
firewall settings:

I used the in-built updater of Paint.NET 3.20, it found the v3.22 beta, I choosed “install”, okay, the install began, def+ alerted, I set it to threat the installer as an installer(:)) the installation continued, but seemd like it frozed during the “uninstallation of previous version” part. I opened Comodo’s active process list, and terminated the main process of the installer, and the error occured. Comodo shoot down, but the installer finished properly.

Oops, I forgot the dump file. :slight_smile: I’ve attached it:

[attachment deleted by admin]