Crasching when change place

I have used this good firewall before. But today i uninstalled my expired firewall, then i go to install the newest CFP 3. And when i want to choose where i want to install it. Its crasched, every time when i want to change place to install the firewall.

Im using windows xp sp3, with no anti-virus. or other firewalls.

Hi and welcome to forums.

Question: does the Installer crash itself or does it complete installation and CFP crashes when you start it for the first time?
Until further notice I suppose that the Installer crashes and you cannot finish installation.

Are there any unusual characters in the pathname?
Is the complete pathname very long?
Which is your system’s language?

Does it only crash when browsing folders or does it even crash if you entered a path manually?
Did you try to install into a changed, but different location - and if so, did it also crash then?

Maybe you could post the complete pathname if it’s not too secret.

Just install it in the normal directory. No reason to change it.

Its crasching every time when i click on “browse”, And i dont want it in C:\ because i have no place for that.

Its impossible to change the path manually.

Do you have any…
USB-Drives attached, or
CD/DVD Clonedrives installed?

If so, could you temporarely unmount them and try again?

Only guessing, sorry for not having an instant solution.

“C” is default on any pc unless you changed the name of your main drive. Do you have 2 hard drives?

Are you running an English language version of Windows?

Ewen :slight_smile: