What ho, Melih, panic, & Paul

   I would just like to throw a simple question to your forum,at the moment im having
    a lot of trouble attempting to write to blank DVds, a few times they will write and
   i can watch them on a normal dvd player with no problems, and then others will
    just come up with the ( Disk Error ) message on the same dvd player, some
   will play for a while and then just stick, play a bit more and stick again. 

   My DVd writer is a Sony DVD RW DW-Q31A and has been trouble since i got it.
    I was thinking of getting a Pioneer 111 DVD Writer, as my last one was a 
   Pioneer 108 ,and i had no problems at all, and wish i still had it,
    so would anyone recommend a Pioneer over a Sony.

   And can someone please point me in the right direction, for a new starting
    handle for my computer, as the old one is knackered and needs replacing.
   you wont know if this is a wind-up or not.

   thank you to all above.


I’m not sure. Could be a bad batch of media, or a dirty lens. Have you tried a dry disk cleaner, with brushes? A dirty lens can cripple a burner. On the other hand, it may be the burner lens is simply getting old and not writing properly. Do the dvd’s play in your pc ok? Or is it just in the home dvd player? The home player may need a lens cleaning as well. I have a nice stack of Cd burners that people gave me for free, said they didn’t work. I cleaned the lenses, they all work, loll. It’s a first and easiest step to take before replacing the burner.




There are two things that could cause this issue - a problem with the media and a problem with the hardware.

As demand for DVD and CD burners has increased, the manufacturers need for components at ever decreasing prices has also increased. One area that this will affect quality longevity is in the quality of the synthetic sapphire lenses used. Cheaper sapphire lenses degrade much quicker than higher quality ones. Sony usually don’t use ■■■■■■ parts, but they never used to make ■■■■■■ batteries either.

Re. media, always buy the best quality you can afford. Cheap blanks are cheap for a reason - cheaper dyes, cheaper laminates, inferior laminte bonding - all of these cut the price and lower the quality. Remember, quality doesn’t cost - it pays!

For a replacement burner, I can’t go past Liteon. I know that they are a cheaper Taiwanese manufacturer, but they are bloody good and long life (at least from my experience.)

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: