I’m pretty sure this one is a FP. I mean, it’s CPU-Z…

I am also using another Security solution called Prevx 3.0, which I may say has one of the best
Behavior Shields I’ve ever used.It did not show anything suspicious.

I’m looking forward to a reply.

Product Site: http://www.cpuid.com/
Detecion Name: Heur.Suspicious[at]113012274
Virus Signature Database: 6189

Welcome to the forum Kostas, which version of CPUZ is being flagged?

I`ve just tried scanning version 1.55 with database 6189 with Heuristics on High and am getting no alert


Same Here, v1.55
And 6189DB

Very Odd must I say.
Doesn’t really bother me but it still shows up as a potential threat.
I did though have an adventure with some sort of infection the past few weeks, after using a game “trainer” application, which apparently was some sort of malware or so.

Besides if no one gets this one besides me, I’m guessin’ the problem IS me…

Just wondering if this showed up during a regular scan or after you opened the program, there could be some cloud element which is causing this.

Added screenie of manual scan. Does it still alert if you right click the .exe and select “Scan with Comodo Antivirus”?

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Well, take a look at this:

It was already tested, and comodo was the only one to find it Suspicious.

And it showed up 'bout a minute after I restarted my PC. (from the installation process)

Hello,Kostas Kalivas

Thanks for reporting.Fix will be available in next few updates.

Best regards,

You are very welcome.

Something ??? going on, i did a VirusTotal http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=4aa934dfd70d3d24f7373db5a516f7887393f14987a05cd8d4f68bfdf9058858-1284996297 the MD5, SHA1/256 are different.

Must be a different somehow, mines the 32Bit zipped one, not tried the installer one.

Sure it will get sorted :wink:

Hopefully will…Cause I’m not over with some other false positives (let’s though hope they aren’t). :slight_smile:

Hi Kostas Kalivas,

Reported FPs were fixed. You can confirm this with DB 6196.

Kind Regards,
Erik M.