CPU Usage


I installed Comodo Personal PRO Firewall, but i see that it uses a lot of CPU resources…
Is it normal, or there is any kind of option that is making this to happen ?

I really like the features of this product, but it’s using, sometimes 50% of my CPU…but most of the time is between 15-25% of cpu usage, which is a lot !

So any feedback about this ?


Welcome to the forums, pr0wn3r

I think that you should submit a support ticket to Comodo about this.
Everyone with CPU problems should do it.
cmdagent.exe and cpf.exe is always at 0% on my PC.
They has gone up a few occasions, but it’s really rare.

Go to http://support.comodo.com

It was directed to pr0wn3r.
I know that you have done it.
I think it’s better if 20 users report to Comodo than one…
but that’s my opinion…

Hey Aowl. Guess what? You might remember in that big thread on how my Monitor Dll Injections (MDI) issue returned after I re-installed CPF 2.4. At first I thought it was updating my video decoders followed by 2 reboots (with the second one being the next day) that resolved it. But I was wrong. I knew something wasn’t right because usually it’s only 1 reboot that fixes things. Anyway, I left MDI off for a week. I turned it back on today just for the fun of it and tested that site again with cmdagent.exe at 0% CPU :). This lead me to another contemplation of the reason, and that is CFP requires time to learn about a system. My Component Monitor list is also apparently bigger now and it feels like it’s almost complete. Probably during the midst of this learning process, at the beginning of a new installation, MDI was interfering…If I turn component monitor on, my peak is now much lower to 43% (like on your system).

I didn’t post this in the other thread because there’s no definitive confirmation. If this successfully continues for another week with MDI on, then my theory will be correct.

3 days later refreshing that site brought back the high cpu, but this time it’s not MDI! It’s Monitor Com/OLE that causes it. First time ever. I’ll leave that off for some days and then test again with it back on.