CPU usage near 100% every 5 sec when i'm doing p2p or just surfing

Hi all, This is my first post here.

I downloaded the last version free of CFP, v3, about 1 week ago. I transcript all the rules for emule and utorrent, but netherless after i run utorrent for the first time after the installation of cfp, my cpu usage start growing bigger… Every 5 seconds it goes from 2-3% (The normal value that i get used to see when it runs Before installing CFP) to 80%. Then returns to 2-3%, 5 second later, same story, and so on

I Know is CFP, maybe some settings that i didn’t do, but with these hot weather (40 Celsius degrees in my Home city in this period) I have some concern about my CPU life…

Here’s some information

Windows Vista Home Edition (SP1 installed) , 32 bit
CPU: Intel Core Duo E6750 2,66 GHz
Ram: 4 GB

My Internet provider provides me of a HAG, a thomson speedtouch model.

I really love CFP even if i’m new about his world, i can see all the potentiality, i really be sad if i have to uninstall it. Pls Help me fix it.

Howewer thanks for the Amazing job!

Did you read this.


I did all the things in the page you suggested me.

Nothin’ has changed. i still have the same problem.

I tried to uninstall CFP, rebooted, and restarted utorrent… All goes very well. So I have no doubt that my problems depend by CFP.

Have you check your CFP log to see if there is any corresponding increase in blocked traffic? Click Firewall → Common Tasks, View Firewall Events.