CPU Usage 95 to 99 %

Just installed a few days ago, as Sygate Personal is no longer supported. So fare I am resonably plaesed, however: I notice that my PC has slowed down generally and considerably. When looking into taskmanager/Processes, I notice that cpf.exe consistently chews up somewhere between 95 to 99 % CPU.

What cases this action, and how do I free up the CPU ?

What is your operating system?And do you work under a different account than administrator account?

We have fixed a bug that causes such a issue. Just to make sure we are talking about the same issue, which application uses CPU so much? Please inform us about the details so that we can try to find and fix the issue until thursday update.


Download/Run Process Explorer. “Kill” root Process(es) with high CPU Usage to confirm.
Also search CPF forum for running CPF under WinXP Admin user account as suggested by egemen.

To egemen:

OS is W2K
I have 3 users on the PC:
1: Admin (Which as far as I can se don’t have the problem)
2: Poweruser (Who has the problem)
3: User (Also has the problem)

I’m not sure exactly what you want to know about “which application uses CPU so much?”. As mentioned, i see cpf.exe topping the list, when looking into the taskmanagers “Processes” windows.

I see, that you have noticed the problem, and expect a release Thursday? - will that be the Thursday as in today (15/6) or a weeks time?

To n8399:

I Downloaded the Process Program. Was able to download it from the User acount (No. 3 in the above list). I ran the program as Administrator and killede the process …\Comodo Firewall\Personal Firewall\cpf.exe. Imidiately CPU usage dropped down to “normal” levels belov 10%.

Shortly after I reenabled the firewall by executing the cpf.exe file again, and after a few secends, it sprung back to eating 95-99% CPU.

To Both:
Thankyou for prompt answers !!

Kind regards


Just tried to log on as user. Started the procexp.exe program but started it usen “Run as - Administrator”.

Killed the cpf.exe process.

Using Pathfinder, i located the cpf.exe file, and started it again, however again using the “Run as - administrator”.

Now the CPU is back down at normal levels.

Just FYI :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the feedback. This issue has been fixed and the update will be available tomorrow(friday)


Version number in my Firewall says - manuel update says no Updates availeble.

Did I miss a friday :wink:


All right - after not being on the net yesterday, today I tried to update.

Update availeble - Installing smoothly - and HERUKA : Users again have access to CPU-cycles to thier own use !

Working wonders. Thanks folks.

Not its finaly time to dig deeper into this exciting new world of Comodo Firewall :smiley:


We have fixed cpu 99% issue faced in Win2k non-admin users cases. Please take latest updates and it should upgrade to ver New setup is also available with the same fixes.