CPU usage 50% after scan with RK Unhooker

cmdagent.exe. Never had a high CPU usage problem before. However after completing a scan with RK Unhooker, the CPU usage rises to 40% - 50% even after exiting RKU and the firewall.
After a reboot everything is back to normal and stays that way, unless I do another scan with RKU. Has anyone experienced this ?

I tried RKU once and had no problems. Did you unhook something? cpf.exe (logging) or cmdagent.exe (monitor dll injections) using cpu?

Hmm… I am not sure what you mean. I didn’t unhook anything - on the contrary I was pleased to see the cmdmon.sys hooks in the SSDT report ( firewall low level hooking - means it is doing it’s job). It’s not serious but I have also posted in the forum of RKU and await an answer. It is cmdagent.exe responsible for the high CPU usage (only after scanning with RKU).
I am a new user of RKU so don’t know much about it.
Thank you and regards. :slight_smile:

If it’s cmdagent.exe then it’s more difficult to narrow down the issue because it’s related to the driver (cmdmon.sys). The devs would have more knowledge of this.