CPU usage 100% AFTER uninstalling CFP!

Help! Windows is broken :frowning:

I uninstalled CFP because windows update wouldn’t work with CFP installed. Even when I told CFP to “allow all” windows update/microsoft update would not work. As I can see from here


I can possibly get this working (I had the same error). However, since uninstalling CFP I’m having a major problem with Windows: one of the svchost.exe processes has taken over, using 99-100% CPU most of the time and eating over 100Mb RAM. It’s the svchost.exe which contains the most threads, and runs things like the windows firewall/internet connection sharing service. I haven’t yet figured out which particular service or dll is eating all the memory, but it seems to be using about 15-20 more threads than the same process on a normally running Windows machine.

I can’t set it to a lower priority (Windows will not allow it) but I can kill the process - however this leaves me without a number of essential services. With or without this process, the services mmc is VERY unstable and tends to crash just as soon as I open it.

I don’t know if CFP caused it or if it was a coincidence, it started happening as soon as I uninstalled CFP and rebooted. Within a minute of Windows starting the whole machine was choking and the CPU fan going full speed constantly (it’s a laptop). I note the Windows Security Center then failed to recognise that AVG free AV was running as well - I’ve uninstalled that and reinstalled it to no avail. I’ve also reinstalled CFP - and found it didn’t make any difference, the same svchost.exe process is still going nuts.

I guess I’m going to have to have another go tonight when I get home, try to analyse just what service is going mad using some sysinternals tools. Any suggestions from you guys here would be most helpful!

I use a laptop and I had the same problem with svchost.exe until I shut off Windows Update. I do them manually. On every reboot it would go nuts and just about fry my laptop and take all of the CPU.

You might try shutting off the AutoUpdate just to see if that is the cause.

I never found any cure for the problem except shutting off Windows Update all of the time and it doesn’t do it anymore.

Hope this helps,


Microsoft has acknowledged this issue with svhcost.exe and cpu usage. They’ve released 1 part of 2 patches so far: Bing

Arki already started a thread on this: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,9089.0.html

Thanks Soya, will give that a try.


thanks everyone for the quick replies! ;D If only I remembered to chuck the laptop in my bag this morning I would be looking at it now. I do seem to remember windows auto update was one of the services plugged into that mad svchost.exe. I’ll have to wait till this evening to see if your advice does the trick.

Very helpful thank you, I’ll come back here in a few hours just to let you all know.

EDIT: immediately stopped using CPU when I stopped the autoupdate service, then RAM usage dropped down when I disabled it, gradually. Definitely automatic update broken!

Thanks again guys! Turned out to be not a Comodo Firewall problem after all.