Dear Friends.
Just suddenly this afternoon my computer has become very slow
This is a result of the CPU usage running at about 55%.I normally run at 1-2%.
This was accompanied with a popup from Comodo that would not cancel,no matter what i did.
I have uninstalled Comodo with reluctance
CPU has now returned to normal and my computer is it’s old self.
I am running XP SP2 at the moment.I am not sure i want SP3 until it is sorted out
Comodo is version
I would add that i have used version 3 almost from the beginning without the slightest problem until now.
I would like to get back to Comodo ASAP.
If anybody has any thoughts on the matter please let me know
Thanks and Regards

What was the alert? And other programs that execute in the background and stand out like security ones?

Any idea what process was using all your CPU

I was actually more concerned about my CPU usage But i do remember that it was an orange popup that required me to take some action.
I also remember that it was some kind of update.So i clicked alow and remember.Only it didn’t remember,it kept coming back so in the end i clicked" block" out of frustation and still it kept popping up.
It was then that i unistalled Comodo.
Sorry i can’t give you more information.
I should also add that i did try SP3 but removed it when i read that a lot of people were having serious problems

The 2 are probably connected: SP3 and Windows Updates causing that alert. Whenever you install something like, clicking remember will only remember that particular file for that particular action. I would’ve set the CFP alert to Installer / Updater without remember and then accept Installation Mode.

I had uninstalled SP3 before the problems with popups
I thought,initally,that Sp3 was causing the rise in CPU usage
System Restore was also used to take me back to an earlier time but the CPU problem was still evident

Uinstalling is the same as installing - CFP 3 will still alert you. I would’ve taken the same steps

Problem sorted.
Comodo reinstalled to it’s rightful place
SP3 dumped as far away as i can get it
CPU now running 1-2%.
Thanks for your help.
Best Regards

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