CPU overheating and CIS running overtime

I’m not sure if this is Anti-virus or Firewall related but it is extremely annoying. Every once in a while, CIS likes to run overdrive and just obliterate the CPU by over utilizing it. I have no idea why this happens as nothing is given or log as to why this occurs.

It gets really annoying to having to restart the computer over and over again just to accomodate for CIS.

Uninstalling until further notice. Again, no idea why CIS is causing such a huge issue but very annoying!

Since it doesn’t bug out, I can’t find any error logs or any log to send.

Best to collect memory dumps of the comodo process with high CPU usage so they can investigate it. Compress the dumps and upload to a file sharing site and provide link. Make sure HIPS is disabled so that the application you use to create memory dumps with e.g. task manger or other can get access to the process.

I didn’t a response on an earlier question or it was deleted and this issue made me kind of upset. I went ahead and uninstalled Comodo and now am using Voodooshield and Zemana. Both work fine and uses a ton less resources as compared to Comodo Internet Security.