CPU Load - Any comments?

I’m considering replacing my ZoneAlarm Suite ($49 a year) with the Comodo Pro Plus ($39 a year).

Can any of you provide personal experience regarding the resources that Comodo uses while running in the background? I’m trying to make sense of the 20-30% slower performance ZoneAlarm taxes my CPU and hopefully Comodo uses less resources allowing the computer to run faster.



I switched to Comodo Firewall from Norton on my home PC and from McAfee Enterprise on my work pc - both memory usage and CPU use has decreased tremendously on both computers since I switched and the computers definitely exhibit much less lag when carrying out many tasks.
I have not used ZoneAlarm for several years so not sure how resource usage compares directly but based on my experience versus the two firewalls I mentioned earlier and what I have read on the forums I think you will be very happy with resource usage if you switch to Comodo. The attached shows memory usage for the firewall if you want a direct comparison with your current ZoneAlarm usage.


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Comodo way faster than ZoneAlarm. It practically doesn’t use any CPU. And it uses about 7-11 MB RAM. The program is snappy and very customizable. :slight_smile:
Combine it with CMF and some free antivirus - Avira, Avast or Avg and you have a peace of mind. :slight_smile:

OMG. ZA uses around 46K anytime I used it. Its a hog. Comodo for me only around 10K. You don’t need the V-Smart either.

Here’s what mine is using while browsing this forum only (no other tabs open). It occasionally goes up to around 17,000KB.

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Many thanks everyone.

I eliminated ZoneAlarm and installed CFP 3 and aside from not being able to connect to any network, the load on the CPU is 4.6MB, which is less than 10% of what ZoneAlarm took.

Now I need to read more on the technical stuff so I can access my home network and the internet… This post is written using a desk top running ZoneAlarm which I intend to replace with CFP 3 as soon as I can control the notebook it was installed on.

Thanks again.

It should be alot lower then 10%. There is an extensive manual clean up procedure to clean up any ZA left overs. You need to check there forums.