CPU drain 100% caused by cmdagent.exe

After a discussion I decided to bump this topic seeing it’s not only me who had problems.

I had terrible problems because of cmdagent.exe causing 100% CPU usage on my system and also with several updates.

Sometimes the CPU hog occured when opening a program, but most of the times even when the computer was idle.

My specs are:

Intel Celeron D 3,06 GHz, 2 GB RAM Dual Channel, nVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT 512 MB, operating system at that time (v 4,0 and prior) was XP Home SP3 x32, nowadays it’s Dual Boot: Windows 7 Ultimate x32 | Ubuntu. Haven’t tried CIS after that anymore, because it occured to me countless times and I got tired of being unable to use my computer. After uninstalling CIS everything worked fine.

Hi Anathaen,

don’t feel like the Lone Ranger; I have had the same problem with my Lenovo G550. I’m running CIS 4.1.150349.920 with data base 5110 under Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit on an Intel T4300 with 3 GB RAM.

In my case the problem is very sporadic, but when it hits cmdagent eats both CPUs, up to 100% so that everything else slows to a crawl until I reboot, and then everything is fine, at least for a while.


I only hope the DEVs will finally see this topic and do something about it.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Switch off AV/updates and switch back, when you got time for the update.

I just did a manual update to see and mine doesnt use that much, I never noticed when it updates on its on any difference.

What a solution. >.>

Ok we’re not talking about a temporary fix here. Doesn’t mean that you’re not concerned others aren’t. We need a real fix! By we I mean the majority of users impacted, and there are lots.

Taking an attitude like this only scats others away.

The point is it shouldn’t take up any CPU on auto-update. Other antivirus companies manage, how come COMODO not?

Ok this shouldn’t even be discussed, but fixed in the first place.

I have never paid any attention to what happens during auto-updates, but there could be a problem with that. When I restore an image (a few weeks old) of the C-drive and then update CIS (which means a bigger update than normally), it does use a lot of CPU.

It’s on the todo list. You got a temporary fix, so this got lower priority than the problems which got none. Thank you for your patient.

I got the same problem last Sunday! 100% CPU and, to make things worse, I cannot understand which process was doing that. ???

Thus I had to uninstall CIS 4 and return to the old Comodo Firewall 2.4, alas. :‘( I’m afraid, we have to wait until the Comodo team fixes this critical bug… :’(

cmdagent cpu hog problem - on XP SP3, AMD dual core, 4GB, comodo ver .920 virus sig 5189

I just replaced bases.cav but that didn’t work. What does work - turn off the AV, and you get your machine back.

But - I’ve just found something repeatable on my rig. I burn disks with a Primera Bravo2, a disk printer and burner in the one box, connects with USB2. Burning is OK, but when it goes to print cmdagent goes nuts and starts the hogging behavior at about 50%, and prevents the Bravo doing anything further. Stays that way until I kill the AV, at which point it resumes.

Please get a fix for this one, or I’ll have to move to something else.

I don’t know about 100% drain, I have never checked the amount, but what I do know is Comodo updating makes all other jobs almost impossible while it happens. It wouldn’t be too bad if this were once or twice per day but it seems to update hourly even though I have unchecked the auto update boxes.

I had an earlier version of Comodo a year or so ago and eventually abanded it for the same reasons. I am slowly being worn down by it. :o

Another glitch I noticed today. When I recently installed the latest version of CIS I was asked to do a full scan. I did that two days ago. It now asks again. :-TD

I usually scan Sunday mornings at 10am. That, I feel is sufficient particularly as full scans take well over an hour.

Last evening was the last straw with the CIS updater.

I was watching an on-line web site video when the CIS anti virus updated itself again - it was doing so every half hour. :o - and it rendered the video unwatchable.

I decided, before making any decisions, to read the various Fora here and decided that as the main reason for choosing Comodo was the Firewall the best thing that I could do was to remove Comodo CIS from my pc and re-install just the Firewall and Defence. This I did.

For my anti-virus protection I reverted to Anti Vir, which I had used for a few years before changing to CIS. I note that programmes updates will be once per day.

As a silver surfer with a low fixed income and very concerned about identity theft and phishing I had contemplated the great Offer being made by Comodo for the Pro or Complete versions. But I thought it would not overcome my issues and reluctantly did not make application but took the fore-mentioned actions instead.

I do use the Comodo Dragon browser by the way. :wink:

You can disable the AV updater, and manually update when you wish.
This would also be a solution.

The same thing with old CIS 3.14. During updates it kills even dual core system.

No, that would be a band-aid. A solution would be for Comodo to fix the way the updates work.

I thought this issue was supposed to be fixed in version 4.0? ??? (I’m not running it yet obviously, so I have no firsthand experience)

Interestingly, I don’t see that on my system, and didn’t see 100% on the XP system I installed on yesterday.
(using Process Explorer).

I kept trying that John and even though I unchecked boxes it sill updated far too regularly: 30 minute intervals when I made my previous post.

So far with AntiVir and Comodo firewall and Defense I have no updating issues. It was a disappointment having to un-install CIS.

Incidentally roughly how frequent does Comodo Firewall/Defense update?


The firewall and Defence+ are part of CIS, and the suite lets you know when there are software updates. The AV, though, updates much more regularly. This is what you are seeing (signature updates).
If you prefer, you can disable the AV, (including the updating), and use another AV of your choice along side CIS’ firewall and D+.

The virus definitions can update every 30 minutes.

And just to be clear, you unchecked the setting with the arrow shown in my screenshot? That will disable automatic AV updates.

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