CPU Comparison


To all you CPU experts out there, which of these CPU’s would you say was a better performer?

  1. AMD Athlon XP 64 3200+ (2.0 GHz) or
  2. Intel P4 3.0 GHz

Take into account that AMD has 1MB level 2 cache and x2 64k level 1 cache and Intel has 2MB level 2 cache and x2 32k level 1 cache. Both are single core but use hyperthreading.


Bump ;D.

Anyone have any ideas? My understanding, both are similar in Ghz (AMD slightly faster) but Intel does have an extra 1MB of level 2 cache on the motherboard BUT AMD has an extra 32k (x2) directly on the CPU.

Would this extra level 1 cache (only 32k x2) make the AMD perfom better or worse than the Intel with an extra 1MB level 2 cache?

Hope someone can advise.


The AMD has 64 bits support. That may come in handy if you are thinking of installing a 64 bits OS.

In general the Athlons compared more than fine with the P4 even though they were clocked lower; less cycles per instruction. I recommend to consult the following web sites for reviews:
Tom’s Hardware

The Athlons have no hyperthreading.

I haven’t looked but athlon is a better choice due to the 64bit function. I will look further and tell my part. I like hardware :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies guys :). Currently, the P4 has 2GB ram and AMD 1GB ram (although planning to add extra 1GB to AMD). Because of this, will probably stick with 32-bit OS’s on both.


If I am not misstaking 3200+ resembles that it’s equvallent to a P4, 3,2GHz or more. So AMD is a better choice.

To be honest I would at least take a dual core.

If you wish you could tell me a price and I could help you make a good computer.

Thanks for the offer :). Actually, I work with (build) computers myself. I haven’t purchased a computer in ages (pre 2000). I tend to acquire old’ish equipment now and then install Linux on them. Currently, I’m using the AMD as my main computer but was thinking of replacing with the intel. Either way, the other computer will be used as a media centre (connected to TV) in living room.


If you don’t game to much than you could take a A-series apu. If you are interested tell me and we will find something out.