CPM service does not start!

Can anyone help me with this problem. I have installed Comodo Programs Manger and it should help me to watch all the programs install afterwards. However, it didn’t. Later i realize that the service name ‘CPMService’ is stopped and cannot be started. So it means CPM cannot monitor anything.
I’m using Windows 7, with Avast! Home Edition as antivirus program.

I can’t solve your problem (as I don’t know the answer).
What I can say is that you don’t need to be so sad… My CPM service is running and nothing is being monitored either…

Please use the latest version of CPM. You can find it here
If you already have the latest build please reinstall the application so that the service can be started

Alexandru, I am using the latest version.

I think it’s because CPM’s conflict with other programs or some kind of compatibility, or maybe because of Windows Firewall or Antivirus Programs. When I uninstalled CPM to reinstall, Avast! Home Edition reported that “CPMService.exe” is a hidden malicious program or something like that.

False positive of avast. But my CPMService.exe is NOT being detected by avast:

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This is the proof.

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ilovekazehikaru, yes. I believe you.
I’ve reported other false positive of avast (Portable Truecrypt driver)