CPM does not monitor

Hi @ all.

Nice Project!

I am searching desperatly for a good uninstallation tool for x64 systems. Finally found one looking at comodo! :-TU

I am not sure if that is abug but comodo does not show any “monitored” notification in the programms list. Just the simple “uninstall” Button.

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I think monitored applications are only the one installed after CPM has been also installed.


I think it would be usefull to “sticky” a list of applications currently not supported (monitored) by CPM. Myself, I have come across three so far. This is, having been installed after CPM.


Yes i know that but even for the application which i installed after CPM i did not get any “monitored” sign… That’s the problem.

Really? Which are they?
I think this will circumvent the use of CTM… It should monitor any installation…

7-Zip, Sumatra PDF and VLC Media Player.


Too “simple” applications to not be monitored…
I mean, aren’t applications that dig inside of the system (like antivirus, firewall, etc.).
Hope they drop a word about that.

Not monitored for me:

comodo easy vpn
comodo system cleaner