CPM beta testing

Beta testing Comodo Programs Manager into XP virtual environment (as I can’t make it run in my Windows 7 real one…).

First impressions:

  1. Liked very much the integration with Comodo Time Machine (I’m waiting for Doskey for a new beta to install it on my machine). Two action centralized. Thanks. :slight_smile:
  2. Seems to be uninstalling well. Should I ask for internal uninstall (will it invoke CPM at the end?) or CPM one?
  3. Liked the “repair” option for installations. This is a very powerful tool for common users with installation problems. And it’s an advantage over Revo Uninstaller.
  4. Liked the integration with Windows Updates and the list of installed updates (although we’re not uninstalling updates that frequently…). The advantage of installing that update without having to open Windows Update is superb! Maybe a further develop could be hiding some of the updates.

There is some weird characters in the interface (TM mark). See Sshot-2.
Also, depending on the resolution, progress bar is out of the interface. See Sshot-8

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The repair option boot without warning. Unacceptable.

Why was the CTM integration removed? ???

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