CPM and Windows Update

  1. The status of Windows Updates is not retrieved correctly.
  2. Another question: which Windows features should be listed in CPM?

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143 views… no posts, no answers :cry:


There are probably some minor updates available.

If the windows features list is always empty please make sure dism tool is installed. You can check its availability by typing dism at the command line and see if the command is recognized.

Thank you

No, there aren’t. Neither important ones nor optional… No hidden updates…
Something is wrong in CPM. Which are the three updates available?

dism is available on my computer (elevated rights needed).

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Please see if there are any available updates listed in the CPM’s Available Updates Tab.

No, no one.
In fact, I need to gave up for the third time of CPM.
Now it starts to disable the Windows Updates and Windows starts complaining about that.
Of course, just uninstalling CPM and the problem is gone.
I’m really thinking that Revo Uninstaller is doing a better job…
But I never say never, as I’m testing software all the time :slight_smile:

i am like you i am always trying different products especially from comodo but i always seem to uninstall them iv only really kept cis. but as each product matures i think they will get better. i hope the next release of cpm will be better. they have taken a lot of time on it so lets hope it pays off

wasgij6, my hope of finding a better product depends much on the future of Comodo Time Machine…

well i got a message in the CTM board about my post there at like 1 am this morning. Jacob (a mod) said we should be getting a message from melih in the next 48 hours about the development of CTM so maybe we will get some news about it… hopefully

Fingers crossed :slight_smile: